Star Wars Day

Although the first Star Wars movie came out on May 25th (1977), May 4th took over as Star Wars Day.  Why?  Because saying “May the Fourth Be With You” on May the Fourth is just so freaking cool!

Here are some ways to celebrate this pop culture holiday:

1. Go on a Star Wars movie marathon!

2. Get your hands on some Star Wars merch

Like this Chewbika t-shirt


Or this Yoda backpack


3. Have a Sith BBQ


*Cook your meat on this Death Star grill

death grill

4. Catch up on some Star Wars inspired literature

Maybe you can borrow a Star Wars book from this guy’s collection:


Or just browse through iharthdarth’s Darth Vader inspired comics.

5. Omnom these amazing cupcakes!

star wars cupcakes they are

Happy Star Wars Day!

May the Fourth Be With You.

Photo credits:


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