Behind the Scenes with PC&V







Making of the Future TVC

The Future TVC for C2 has been around for a while but the pictures taken that day by resident photo god, Robert Abueg, give a good idea of what it’s like to produce a TV commercial.  The process of making a commercial is one of the best parts about working in advertising.  Sometimes you have to stay on location really late and deal with difficult talents, but for the most part it’s a great experience.

It’s the time you get to meet models, celebrities, directors, producers, and other cool people from the industry.  You also learn to appreciate all the little details that make up an ad, because you helped make it happen.

Another great thing about shoots is the free time.  You’re on location to work, but for the most part you’re free to relax and just soak up what’s happening around you.  And, most importantly, there’s always so much free food!!  TVCs = awesome.

Setting up the equipment

The crew setting up

The director, stylist and producer

Director Sid, Jenny the makeup artist, and Steve the producer

The shoot

In the making

Robert, Anna, Kristel

Robert, Anna, Kristel




On location

On location

Down time

Down time

Heading home

Heading home



Some of the equipment

Some of the equipment

The director

The director


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