Artist In Action – Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie is one of the best grunge artists out there.  She’s got a thing for painting not-so-super heroes, glamour girls, AK-47s, punk rock kids and gentlemen.  Her website shows you how to catch her shows or buy her artwork.  Just click on the link to be dazzled by her unique and colorful watercolor artistry.

What? Still not convinced to look at her site? Will this elegant ballet dancing Spiderman convince you to click the link?


How about this commendably honest grenade?

Mr. Grenade

Maybe this partied out perv of a koala will change your mind…

Party Coala

Click the link.  It’ll be fun!


Artist In Action – Riusuke Fukahori

A work of art is conceived in the creative consciousness.  It starts off as a simple idea, which keeps being developed until the artist is ready to make it come to life.  That’s why it’s so mesmerizing to watch an artist in action.  Each stroke of the paintbrush, pen or pencil allows a Citizen of Imagination to become part of our world.

Riusuke Fukahori using paint and wax to make koi fish inspired artwork to look unbelievably real.  Watch and see.

Things You Should Know – i.e. vs. e.g.

For the copywriters & the grammar nazis:

The Oatmeal comes up with a handy guide to help you remember when to use i.e. vs e.g. in a sentence.

In advertising, every little detail counts.  Being able to differentiate between i.e. and e.g. may not seem terribly important, but -when the time comes- it could help keep you from looking like a complete idiot, e.g., an incompetent fool, a dispensable dummy, and an ignorant nincompoop.  Oh wait…was it e.g. or i.e.?

See?  It can all be pretty damn confusing.
Good thing there’s a guide:


2 3 4 5

Artist In Action – Esra Roise


Esra Roise is a Norwegian illustrator currently based in Oslo, Norway.  She does the most amazing job of capturing youth-moments -drawing inspiration from “the people around [her], the fashion industry, music, awkward moments and imperfections”.

Enjoy!  And be inspired.
the birthday party dijon esraroise1

roise esraroise_02 the good man

Artist In Action – Lev Yilmaz

Lev Yilmaz is best known for his YouTube series “Tales of Mere Existence”.
His unapologetic pessimism and candidness gives a surprising amount of depth to his work.  Equally as surprising -and infinitely more unsettling- is how oddly relatable his comics and videos are.
You can check out more of his stuff at: 



appletree isolation Lev Yilmaz - 30 is the new 20

Ways To Stay Active At Work


1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

2. Try to take a walk whenever you can.
Emailing, texting and phone calling has made it extremely convenient for you and your colleagues to keep in touch.  But during work hours it might be more beneficial to walk over to a co-worker’s desk instead of instant messaging him or her about a new job order.

Also try resisting the urge to take your car or hail a cab when going out for lunch.  Not only are you doing something good for your body, you’re also doing something good for the environment and for your pocket.

3. Walk fast.
It’s good cardio.  Plus you’ll always look like you’re going somewhere important.

4. Workout at your desk.


Combating Workday Workout Excuses

It’s hard to stay in shape when you’ve got a 9-6 job, a comfy couch and a satchel bag full of excuses.

But the benefits of regular exercise outweigh whatever excuses you might have to couch potato it out after work.

Excuse #1: No energy after work

Many people complain that they have no energy to workout -not realizing that exercise is the cure to lethargy.

When you exercise, you experience improved circulation.  This means that your blood does a more efficient job at carrying oxygen throughout your body -which results in more energy being created.  That’s why active people usually feel more energetic than those who have sedentary lifestyles.

Still don’t feel up to it?  Well, suck it up!  Push yourself to do at least 10 minutes of aerobic (cardio) or even anaerobic (strength training) activity.  Even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can do amazing things for your body.



Excuse #2: I can’t afford a gym membership

You don’t need a gym membership to workout.  You don’t even need weights or workout equipment.  Sure, these things help.  But what’s more important is that you learn how to help yourself.  It’s not hard to look for workouts on Google or YouTube.


Excuse #3: It’s hopeless!  I’ll never get the body I want

First of all, feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to help you become who you want to be. You have to work for what you want. So get to it!

suck it up

Excuse #4: I have no time

This is by far the weakest excuse.  You have time to laze in the couch, but you don’t have time to workout?  That’s ridiculous.  If you don’t have time, you make time.

As mentioned earlier, all you need to start off with is 10 minutes.  You can sneak a workout in when you get home or even at the office.  There are lots of ways to stay active.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Walk rather than drive to a restaurant when you go out for lunch with your colleagues.  Do tricep dips at your cubicle or squats in the bathroom.  Do it today.  Do it right now.  You’ll be happy you did.


Excuse #5: I’ve got too much work to do

Your job is important, but so are you.  Practicing proper time management and discipline will allow you to stay on top of things at work, while staying in tip top shape at the same time.  Learn how to multitask.  Sometimes working out helps you find solutions for problems you have at work.  It’s the time your mind is clear, so use it to your advantage.


So what if you don’t have the energy?  So what if you don’t have the best running shoes in the market?  So what if you don’t have experience?  You have all you need: a pair of legs for running and a pair of arms for lifting.  Some people have less than that, but they make do.  So be grateful for the body you’ve got, and show your gratitude by taking care of it.


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