Check out the sketchbook of PC&V Senior Art Director Tracy Orozco. This month, she is inspiring the artists in the office to create their own gallery of ink drawings.

“I just want to practice my craft!” she exclaims.

Her collection of daily drawings portray women in all sorts of “me time” moments. Love ’em, Tracy!


Artist In Action – Alyssa Larisse De Asis

Meet our Artist of the Week Filipina Alyssa Larisse De Asis. Her single illustration inspired the creation of colorful bags and clothing in the fabulous week of Paris fashion. International contemporary designer Manish Arora, known for his astute craftsmanship and exciting play on hues, bought her work and brought her vision on the runway as unique pieces on his Autumn Winter 2014 Collection.


Artist In Action | Pat Kinsella

Pat Kinsella is a Brooklyn based illustrator.  He employs the use of a muted color palette with occasional -well placed- instances of vibrancy.  His art style is realistic and often times alludes to pop culture subjects (like Mario, Ghostbusters and Starwars).


Pat Kinsella - Moon Landing


Pat Kinsella -
Pat Kinsella - Ghost Busters

Artist In Action – Lora Zombie

Lora Zombie is one of the best grunge artists out there.  She’s got a thing for painting not-so-super heroes, glamour girls, AK-47s, punk rock kids and gentlemen.  Her website shows you how to catch her shows or buy her artwork.  Just click on the link to be dazzled by her unique and colorful watercolor artistry.

What? Still not convinced to look at her site? Will this elegant ballet dancing Spiderman convince you to click the link?


How about this commendably honest grenade?

Mr. Grenade

Maybe this partied out perv of a koala will change your mind…

Party Coala

Click the link.  It’ll be fun!

Artist In Action – Riusuke Fukahori

A work of art is conceived in the creative consciousness.  It starts off as a simple idea, which keeps being developed until the artist is ready to make it come to life.  That’s why it’s so mesmerizing to watch an artist in action.  Each stroke of the paintbrush, pen or pencil allows a Citizen of Imagination to become part of our world.

Riusuke Fukahori using paint and wax to make koi fish inspired artwork to look unbelievably real.  Watch and see.

Artist In Action – Esra Roise


Esra Roise is a Norwegian illustrator currently based in Oslo, Norway.  She does the most amazing job of capturing youth-moments -drawing inspiration from “the people around [her], the fashion industry, music, awkward moments and imperfections”.

Enjoy!  And be inspired.
the birthday party dijon esraroise1

roise esraroise_02 the good man

Artist In Action – Lev Yilmaz

Lev Yilmaz is best known for his YouTube series “Tales of Mere Existence”.
His unapologetic pessimism and candidness gives a surprising amount of depth to his work.  Equally as surprising -and infinitely more unsettling- is how oddly relatable his comics and videos are.
You can check out more of his stuff at: 



appletree isolation Lev Yilmaz - 30 is the new 20

Artist In Action – Manuel Rebollo

Manuel Rebollo is a graphic artist from Spain.  He sometimes goes by the pen name El Gato Azul (The Blue Cat).

His artwork focuses on clean lines, pretty women and smart injections of color (usually through the inclusion of word art) -making him a great fashion illustrator.  You can buy his artwork here or simply admire it here.

Sed De Ti

Rebollo’s imagining of Pablo Neruda’s poem “Sed De Ti” -which is roughly translated as “Thirst For You”.

We All Can Fly

Take Your Clothes Off

Artist In Action – Matt Groening

Matt Groening with gloves on looking bored.
(For some reason, the gloves -coupled with his blank expression- make him look more legit as an artist)

Matt Groening (casual)

He’s best known for his work in animation -particularly The Simpsons and Futurama.  Both of which are award winning cartoon series.  The Simpsons has won several Emmys, Annies* and People’s Choice Awards.  It even has its own star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Futurama has also been well received by fans and critics, amassing its own collection of notable awards.

Homer and Bender

Groening makes cameos in both cartoons every so often.  Sometimes the cameos are subtle.  Other times, they’re in your face.



According to, Groening is worth half a billion dollars!  $500 million is a ridiculous amount of money.  The thought of which is made even more ridiculous by the knowledge that Groening was once a struggling artist (which he relays in his comic “Life In Hell”).

But making it as an artist is crazy difficult!  Sadly, most people don’t ever even come close to becoming as successful as Groening.  But it doesn’t hurt to try!  Forbes gives an outline of 3 Keys To Making It As An Artist (Without Starving) in their website.

Happy doodling!

Doodling A Smile

Lim Heng Swee is an illustrator from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He’s more popularly known as “ilovedoodle”. And, swear to (insert deity of choice here), this guy comes up with the cutest doodles on the interwebs!

He’s currently doing an ongoing Facebook project called “Doodle Everyday“.  According to his website, his main goal is to make people smile more.  What a great guy!

His doodles are as insightful as they are cutesy.  They show that a change in perspective can make all the difference.  That’s definitely something to smile about.


Discover Yourself

Let's Hug

Dare to Dream

Happiness - Lim Heng Swee