Things You Should Know – i.e. vs. e.g.

For the copywriters & the grammar nazis:

The Oatmeal comes up with a handy guide to help you remember when to use i.e. vs e.g. in a sentence.

In advertising, every little detail counts.  Being able to differentiate between i.e. and e.g. may not seem terribly important, but -when the time comes- it could help keep you from looking like a complete idiot, e.g., an incompetent fool, a dispensable dummy, and an ignorant nincompoop.  Oh wait…was it e.g. or i.e.?

See?  It can all be pretty damn confusing.
Good thing there’s a guide:


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Life In Hell

Life In Hell is a comic series created by Matt Groening. The reason his name sounds so familiar is because he’s the mad man creative genius behind The Simpsons and Futurama.  But Life In Hell has been around for much longer, beginning in the late 1970’s.  It ended on June 16, 2012 because Groening became too busy with his cartoon series.

The comic series offers a satirical commentary on life.  A lot of it is based on Matt Groening’s personal observations and experiences as a cartoonist living in Los Angeles, California.


For Beginners

The Modern Creative

Life In Hell

8 Hours To Kill

Artist In Action – Alex Noriega

Alex Noriega’s blog (Stuff No One Told Me) offers a series of comics depicting…well…stuff no one told him about life.  The wisdom he shares is a little unconventional, as is his delivery, but that’s what makes him so awesome!

Alex Noriega (44)

Alex Noriega (38)

Alex Noriega (58)

Alex Noriega (33)

Alex Noriega (08)

Alex Noriega (09)

Alex Noriega (48)