Artist In Action – Alyssa Larisse De Asis

Meet our Artist of the Week Filipina Alyssa Larisse De Asis. Her single illustration inspired the creation of colorful bags and clothing in the fabulous week of Paris fashion. International contemporary designer Manish Arora, known for his astute craftsmanship and exciting play on hues, bought her work and brought her vision on the runway as unique pieces on his Autumn Winter 2014 Collection.



Artist In Action – Esra Roise


Esra Roise is a Norwegian illustrator currently based in Oslo, Norway.  She does the most amazing job of capturing youth-moments -drawing inspiration from “the people around [her], the fashion industry, music, awkward moments and imperfections”.

Enjoy!  And be inspired.
the birthday party dijon esraroise1

roise esraroise_02 the good man

Wear This to That

Do have a hard time coming up with outfits? Well, this blog entry isn’t going to be any help at all!

But at least you can take solace in the fact that these animals have found the perfect things to wear to their respective events.  Thanks to advice from Wear This To That.

Hey orca,
wear this Givenchy shark sweatshirt,
to that clam bake.


Hey sassy lion,
wear this Christopher Kane rainbow dress,
to that baptism. sassy lion

Hey sad turkey,
wear this  rag and bone Dagger sweater,
to that vegan potluck. sad turkey


Yup.  Those are the actual captions Wear This To That put on their illustrations.  The site is so hipster, it hurts.  Which is exactly why we like it.