Hairy Holiday!

Blond, brunette, or pink-colored ‘do
Curly, wavy, or what have you
PC&V peeps partied the night away
With lots of attitude and loads of hair spray!

Best Hair Winners: Reggie Caimoy (Marge Simpson), Chungky Pascua (Medusa), Bong Alfonso  (Drag Queen), Tracy Orozco (Hair Color Box), Janina Guerrero (Goldilocks).

That night, we launched the PC&V Virtues Awards to recognize the best qualities in PC&V peeps in connection to work ethic, personality and values. And the winners are:

Best in Attendance: Reggie Caimoy

Best Dressed: Soc Fajardo

Best Desk: Bambie Reyes

Best In Loyalty & Best Officemate: Bong Alfonso

Best in Attitude: Safe dela Cruz

Employee of the Year: Dennis Torres!

Well-deserved, guys!!! Bravo!!!